Eliasz Sawicki

Eliasz Sawicki

iOS developer from Gdansk

MCEConf 2016 day 1

- 2 mins

Hi! Yesterday I was at MCE3 2016 conference and it was my first time I’ve ever attended this kind of event. I didn’t quite know what to expect, but after all I got more than thought I would. Let’s go through with the agenda I’ve chosen for myself.

Ash Furrow

First speech that I’ve been to was given by Ash Furrow. He was speaking about the state that our iOS community was 3 years ago, where we are now, and where we are heading. He clearly said that it’s not the case of predicting the future. We should influence it and make it as good as possible by following some basic rules like having an empathy and giving a good feedback for other people. He said that there is no ‘neutral’ emotion while you’re chatting using internet. Try your best so that somebody else understands you the way you want them to.

Ágnes Vásárhelyi

Ágnes Vásárhelyi gave the second speech about Reactive Cocoa. It was great intrudoction for people that might not be familiar with it. She explained the difference between different kind of signals, and gave some tips on how not to overuse RAC. It’s pretty easy to get a bit to excited and use RAC everywhere. If you have a hammer, everything looks like a nail.

Natasha Murashev

Third talk was given by Natasha The Robot. It was about Practical Protocol-Oriented Programming in Swift. I have to admit that I was waiting for this lecture, and I was really impressed. She blew my mind with some solutions that I was not aware of before. I’m willing to try them out as soon as possible. Lots of code made this lecture even more entertaining ;)

Felix Krause

Then came Felix Krause and his Continuous Delivery for Mobile Apps Using Fastlane. Code signing, provisioning profiles and all the stuff connected to uploading app to iTunes Connect can be a pain sometimes. He told about pros and some good practices of using fastlane for your app. I really enjoyed that as he already saved me lots of time with his amazing tools.

Jorge D. Ortiz-Fuentes

Escape from Mars: Thank Your Architecture by Jorge D. Ortiz-Fuentes. Great explanation of clean, SOLID architecture and good practices of how to build it. Talk based on examples from ‘The Martian’ book and how NASA prepares for their missions. This man knows know to share his knowledge and you could clearly feel this.

Most of all, I really enjoy the networking part of this conference. I was a bit afraid as I came here by myself, but that was not a problem. It’s amazing that so many people are willing to share their knowledge with you. Had some really good talks here! Can’t wait for day 2. First talk is starting in 30 minutes.

See you there!

PS. I’m here thanks to CocoaHeads Tricity and Bright Inventions. Come and visit us in Gdansk!

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